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La Bulle Relax 1h30           View larger

The Bubble max experience 1h30


  • Relaxing Massage 60 min
  • Session Alpha Sphere 30 min
  • Tasting room
  • Treatment duration: 1:15

After your relaxing 1 hour massage, you will be then taken to the Alpharoom for your Alphashere session. This innovative method of care takes place in a cabin enshrouded in calming blue light, where you will be comfortably seated in the finest of fabrics that will seduce oneself into a relaxing state of body and mind.

A specially designed covering produces three dimentional waves shape movements called the Moire effect. Throught the perception of the veiwers eye you will aquire a new perception of the surrounding space. your negative emotions will be soon decreased with possitive emotions taking their place.

A very pleasant treatment not to be missed!

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Bubble max experience includes a relaxing 1 hour massage and after a session in the AlphaRoom's Alphashere.

The Alphashere offers so much more than just physical and mental relaxation, in taking a descisive step towards the imperious needs of man. That's why the Alphashere is a innovative treatment that will give you a unique multisensory experience to live.

Today you expect more than just passive relaxation. The Alphashere allows a long lasting effect to improve the physical and mental balance of the body. The development of the personal lifestyle is becoming the focus of everyone's concern.

Heres where the Alphashere gets to work, by simply reducing stress without constraints. Recharging the body with energy, stimulating creativity and expanding the field of perception you never knew you had.